Gender & Child Cell

Gender and Child Cell

PDMA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has to deal with numerous crises since its inception. The children and women are the most vulnerable segments of society in case of any disaster or crisis. In order to address this important area, Gender and Child Cell (GCC) PDMA was notified in August 2013.

The disproportionate impact that children experience during and after disasters and in particular, around protection issues, are reckoned as a critical area for intervention. This realization led Provincial Disaster Management Authority, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to notify Gender and Child Cell.  Gender and Child Cell in an advisory role has made many contributions towards ensuring the protection of vulnerable population in disasters. The core responsibilities of Gender and Child Cell include:

  • Provide guidance on policy and planning (new and existing) and integration of gender equality, child protection and concerns of vulnerable groups in disasters;
  • Strengthen institutional mechanisms to respond to the needs of vulnerable groups;
  • Facilitate dialogue with stakeholders to include the voices of vulnerable groups decision-making;
  • Institutionalize exchange of information and effective knowledge management;
  • Collect, use, and analyze disaggregated evidence for planning and advocacy;
  • Awareness and capacity development (tools and methodologies);
  • Ensure effective linkages, coordination and promotion of quality services in disaster situations at all levels;
  • Institutional positioning of GCCs within PDMA;
  • Ensure effective and timely reporting, monitoring and evaluation.
Monday, 16. May 2016