DNA Survey Peshawar (April 28, 2015)


Villages visited:

  1. Nasir Pur GT Road
  2. Kandai Hayat Jagra GT Road
  3. Kandai Dilawar Nizad Motor Way
  4. Kandai Kaloo Khan Nizad motor way
  5. Timber Pura GT Road
  6. Kandai Hayat Jagra
  7. Gari Rashida Jagra


PDMA damage assessment team visited outskirts of Peshawar on 28th April, 2015, to assess damages incurred due to heavy rainfall and hailstorm on 26th April, 2015. Huge damages of infrastructure, crops and orchards were observed the outskirts of Peshawar. Total 81 households were assessed. The detail assessment is as under;

  1. Boundary Walls Collapsed (58)
  2. Room Roof Top Collapsed (17)
  3. Both of the above (08)
  4. Baranda Roof Collapsed. (05)
  5. Roof Parda Dari Damaged.(75)
  6. Injuries (11 and 1 Dead)
  7. Tents Required (13)
  8. Occupation wise ratio (Farmers (19) , Labourers (16), Shop Keepers (10), Drivers (Rikshah, Suzuki (06)), Ex Service Men (03), Govt Servants (06), Widows (03) others (18)

Crops of Wheat, sun flower, fodder and Orchards of Peach and Aloocha were severely damaged in the areas adjacent to G.T Road and Motor Way. Economic costs of livelihood damages to farmers are far higher than infrastructure damages.

Obstacles in the Field:

Due to political activism and upcoming local bodies’ election, few social and political workers were busy in the areas, they cooperated with PDMA Team.

General Observation:

Few of the well-off people have started rebuilding their infrastructure without waiting for the government authorities, while the most vulnerable ones have placed their fate at the mercy of circumstances. Majority of the houses visited belonged to poor people with lower income levels, rebuilding their houses will be a tough task for them. If the most vulnerable ones can be provided with tents, it will temporarily relieved them.