Headquarters of Provincial Authority

The Headquarter of the Provincial Authority is situated at Civil Secretariat Peshawar. The district offices are located in the premises of District Secretariat in respective districts.

Allocation of Business

(1) The Provincial Authority may constitute new Wings or vary the compo¬sition of Wings or the subjects allocated to Wings or close or merge one or two Wings.

(2) The Provincial Authority shall comprise of following Wings and offices:

  • Human Resource/Administration Wing.

    The Human Resource/Administration is responsible for managing human resources and control of administrative activities.

  • Finance and Accounts Wing.

    The finance & Account section is responsible for budgeting and expense management of the authority.

  • Relief, Operations and Coordination Wing.

    This is the core section of PDMA KP, which coordinates different stakeholders in case of emergency or disaster. It also coordinates all the rescue and relief operations during a disaster. It works in close liaison with district government.

  • Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Wing.

    The Reconstruction & Rehabilitation section is mandated for reconstruction of damaged infrastructure (according to the standard building codes) due to disaster for rehabilitating life in the damaged areas.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Wing.

    The monitoring & Evaluation wing is tasked to monitor the projects for reconstruction & rehabilitation to ensure transparency and standards for projects executed.

  • Office of Media and Public Relations.

    Media & Public Relation wing circulate news, briefings to mass media on behalf of the authority. It maintain close liaison with media. It issues publications for general public.

  • Office of Internal Audit.

    The internal Audit section is responsible for internal audit before external audit. It ensures the financial standard practices being established by the authority. It performs audit of the donor funded projects for financial transparency.