Humanitarian Coordination

  • An NOC from PDMA is compulsory for undertaking any kind of disaster related humanitarian work in KP.
  • A revised Project Proposal Format has been uploaded on the website which will be filled by the owner of the project / sub-project, signed and submitted in the shape of a hard copy to the PDMA.
  • The project proposal formats are for the disaster related relief and early recovery work  ( by International Organizations, INGOs, NGOs)
  • Normally, the owner organization of a project / sub-project is encouraged to apply for an NOC, which will also mention the names of IPs. The NOC issued will also cover the IPs as well, and the latter will not have to apply separately.
  • The NOC will be issued for a period of 06 months or for the duration of the project (as specified in the proposal) whichever is less. However, there is a provision of 3 months extension NOC for the running projects, after the expiration date of their previous NOC.
  • Organizations intending to undertake rehabilitation/reconstruction work which has a completion span of more than 6-8 months will enter into the Memorandum of Understanding with PDMA/PaRRSA. Unlike NOC, this document serves to uphold the partnership for a longer period (1 or more years).
  • The organizations need to submit their complete project document (along with any other information/document considered imperative, including the assessment/survey reports if conducted).

NOC & MoU Policy

Following policy has been prepared in order to ensure better coordination in all kinds of disaster related relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction work as well as better channeling of a large variety of humanitarian efforts. This policy covers the processes, channels, timelines and focal points for NOC for new projects, NOC for extension projects, MoU for mid-long term projects and Travel NOC for national and international staff.

NOC Mechanisam

a. Which projects need NOCs? Any disaster related humanitarian project/intervention in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) requires a "No Objection Certificate” (NOC) from Relief Section of PDMA.

b. Who is eligible to undertake Humanitarian Work? With effect from 01st November 2010, only UN Agencies, International organizations, International NGOs, registered national NGOs, registered charity organizations, government agencies, corporations, registered private firms and any other legal organizational entity will be allowed to undertake humanitarian work. No individuals or non-registered organizations will be allowed to work except under special permission from PDMA.

c. Requirement of NOC? For undertaking any kind of post disaster humanitarian work, following organizations will be required to obtain an NOC:-

International Organizations (including UN), International NGOs, National NGOs, Charity organizations, Corporations, Private firms, Institutes. No organization will be allowed to work without a regular NOC from the PDMA or any other relevant forum as explained in the following:-

1. NOC for Relief & Early Recovery activities:For Relief & Early Recovery activities, an organization needs to send the application to the PDMA focal points, which after ensuring that the  requirements are complete, the scrutiny is done, the queries are answered, the concerns are addressed and the competent authority has no objection over the intervention, will issue the NOC.

2. MoU for undertaking Reconstruction & Rehabilitation (R&R) Work:Any organization intending to undertake R&R work will be required to approach the focal points in PDMA/PaRRSA .  The project document will be reviewed, the comments/inputs of the concerned section (s)/line Departments will be sought and after the final consensus is achieved between the parties over the proposed intervention, an MoU will be signed.

3. Project Extensions and RevisionsProjects may be extended with PDMA’s permission and at its discretion upon being provided with the reason or need for an extension. A month prior to the expiry date of an NOC, the organization will be required to apply for an extension for the period of the remaining work or for a period equal to the period of the previous NOC, whichever is less.For Extension, required documents are following:

a. Covering Letter (Reason for Extension)
b. Project Proposal Form
c. Consolided Progress Report
d. LFA
e. Work Plan (Track Work Plan)
f. Budget Breakdown

d. How to submit project proposals? To obtain a NOC there is a set of procedures which must be followed to support the timely and efficient processing of NOCs requests. These procedures are outlined below to help clarify to partner organizations the steps. A project proposal filled out in the format developed by PDMA, KP is the first step for obtaining NOC. The applying organization will be required to get its proposal vetted from relevant cluster(s) before submitting to the PDMA. The proposal must also be supported with a few documents which are listed below.

A.    For Regular Humanitarian Work - Relief, Early Recovery, Restoration (Flood & Millitancy), Project Proposal and TORs must be submitted in hard copy.

1. Project proposal 
2. Supporting documents:

    a. Covering letter from the NGO/Organization to DG PDMA Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
    b. Profile of the NGO
    c. Registration Proof (INGO from EAD - NGOs from Social Welfare Department)
    d. Activity Chart Plan of Activities/ Work Plan 
    e. Budget Breakdown
    f. Details and Timeline for the activities Log framework 
    g. Declare source of funding for the projects
    h. Any other supporting Document (if required)
    i. CNIC Copy
    j. Progress Report on all pervious activities.

B.    For Charity Work:For any kind of charity work, the concerned district administration and any other relevant authority may be directly contacted. Where to submit project proposals? Project proposals need to be submitted to the Relief Section, PDMA, Civil Secretariat, Peshawar.


Mr. Tariq Mehmood
Assistant Directior (Operations)
Landline: +92 (91) 9211854

Mr. Ikram Khan
Dealing Assistant      
Landline: +92 (91) 9211854

Address: PDMA/PaRRSA
Office of Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA)/
Provincial Relief, Rehabilitation and Settlement Authority (PaRRSA)
Civil Secretariat,
Peshawar Cantt.
Phone: 5274340, 9211854, 9213867 
Fax: +92 (91) 9212167, 9214025 

e.    Timeline for processing of an NOC Application Upon the complete submission of the project proposal and its supporting documents PDMA, tries to issue the NOC as its earliest, but the processing through both the internal and external channels can take 35 days maximum (as per the policy guideline). If however, the PDMA objects to the whole proposal or some part of it, the applying organization will have to revise the proposal and after re-submission, the counting of days will start anew.

f.    Reporting Requirements for Relief & Early Recovery:

Reporting: All humanitarian organizations are required to report monthly progress reports to monitoring and evaluation in two forms: 

    a.    Reporting on their activities on the prescribed single reporting format to OCHA and the PDMA.
    b.    Reporting to the relevant cluster lead in the form of 4W matrix.

Moreover, regular participation by the local team of the organization in coordination activities of the District Administration will also be necessary. In case of non-compliance, the NOC may be cancelled and organization may be stopped from continuing its activities.

Cluster Name Government Lead agency UN lead Agency
Food and Agriculture Food Department WFP/FAO
Camp Management, Shelter and Protection Afghan Refugee Com UNHCR
Health and Nutrition Health Dept WHO & UNICEF
Education Education Dept UNICEF
WASH Local Government UNICEF