Background / History of Provincial Reconstruction, Rehabilitation & Settlement Authority (PaRRSA)

The country in general and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular is confronted with a host of issues including militancy, poor law and order situation, poverty, deteriorating governance structure, economic stagnation, and lack of development. These issues, on one hand have created sheer discontentment among the people and on the other hand has put the whole administrative structure under tremendous pressure

When the Government resolved to tackle the issue of militancy with force, certain auxiliary problems were emerged which needed immediate redressal. The emergency relief and rescue of the rough estimate of IDPs of more than two million souls scattered across the province and even beyond but primarily in the five districts of Peshawar valley and the subsequent detailed damage assessment of the losses to public and private properties, a comprehensive return strategy, an early recovery plan, a compensation programme for the losses; both human and material, and an all inclusive reconstruction and rehabilitation plan for the affected region were some of the important steps, being, and to be taken in this regard.

The Emergency Response Unit (ERU) established in the Provincial Relief Commissioner's (PRC)/ Director General PDMA's office has done a spectacular job in putting in efficient mechanism for immediate relief, emergency response and systematic return of the IDPs. The unit however, was temporarily arrangement and strategizing a more permanent and institutionalized mechanism, was urgently felt. During discussions with Federal Government and development partners, the issue of putting in place such an institutional arrangements was agitated. While the Federal Government emphasize was more on implementation process and ownership, the development partners were concerned about the presence of a one window facilitation point for them to interact with.

For the above reasons a dedicated organization was required to be created at the provincial level with an overarching relation with the PDMA. For this purpose, the PaRRSA has been established under the PDMA and has been entrusted to look after the whole re-construction, rehabilitation and settlement work of the affectees of the current crises. The PaRRSA will provide requisite speed, ease, facilitation, coordination, supervision and linkages to all the parties involved and helping the Provincial Government in its endeavor to rehabilitate the affected area. This organization will also be required to take up the project proposed under the various support funds created by the friends of Democratic Pakistan and other international partners.

The authority will have a Project Management Unit (PMU) at the divisional level under the supervision of the commissioners and dedicated unit at the district level. These dedicated units will be placed in the respective departments under the control and supervision of the District Coordination Officers. There will be provincial and divisional steering committees for fast track approval and implementation of the development projects. A Strategic Oversight Council, under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister will provide over policy guidance to the many interventions and also provide the essential policy guidelines and steering. This Authority will receive inputs from forums like the Advisory Committee comprising of the elected members of the legislature, and the Security and Coordination Committee headed by the Commissioner, in its endeavors during the complete process of development, rehabilitation and settlement.

The Malakand Division due to its peculiar situation has got national and international focus. The provincial Government keeping in view the gigantic exercise of reconstruction and rehabilitation and the problems that might arise later, has entrusted the PaRRSA to provide back stopping support to the Division and district administration of Malakand. This newly established organization will provide this support by following up different issues relating to administration, development, service delivery and security. The PaRRSA will therefore, interact with all the departments, Commissioner Malakand and district government of Malakand Division very frequently.

Functions / Objectives of the PaRRSA

  • Prepare strategies and development plans for implementation in affected areas of the province.
  • Plan and coordinate the overall re-construction, rehabilitation and settlement efforts.
  • Provide one window facilitation to the International and National development partners.
  • Supervise and monitor the implementing agencies.
  • Establish standards and internal control within and outside the organization.
  • Responsible for all the projects proposed under the various support funds created by the friends of democratic Pakistan and other International partners.
  • Provide the requisite ease, speed, facilitation, coordination and supervision to the re-construction and rehabilitation program and linkages to all the parties involved in and helping the Provincial Government in its endeavor to rehabilitate the affected areas.
  • Provide a fast track approved process for the projects and activities undertaken for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the affected region.