Chitral Flash Flood (Monsoon 2015)

On the night falling between 15th and 16th July, and again on 19th , 24th and 28th July 2015, different parts of District Chitral were hit by Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOF) which carried massive torrents and flash floods washing away villages, access roads, bridges, drinking water supply systems, micro hydel power channels, public/private property and agricultural crops. This phenomenon is unusual; however, due to climate changes, districts in the north of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa i.e. Mansehra, Chitral, Battagram, Kohistan (U/L), Torghar and Shangla are prone to such incidents of GLOF and these districts have already been sensitized by NDMA & PDMA during various phases of monsoon contingency planning. In Chitral, 36 people have so far been reported as dead in various incidents. The exact number of injuries cannot be ascertained due to inaccessibility to different affected areas. The rain spell is on and the district is expected to receive more rains in the days to come.

The available machineries and manpower have been deployed for temporary opening of suspended traffic to restore communication with cut-off areas.

Water supply channel to Chitral town was disrupted, which is under restoration, while temporary arrangement of water supply through water tankers have been carried out on daily basis to the Chitral Town.

Irrigation Department has been tasked to immediately start channelization and clearance of debris from Drosh Gol, Kalkatak Gol and Chukidam.

Chief Municipal Officer has been tasked for proper arrangement for drinking water supply from Golen Gol water supply line and start work on Anghar Ghon WSU on emergent basis.

District Administration has started restoration of cut off sites from limited available resources. PDMA has authorized Deputy Commissioner to utilize the relief fund for relief activities. While, Revenue staff has been deputed to the sites for detailed assessments and verification of damages. Director NHA has also visited Chitral and NHA has cleared the main road for traffic.

PDMA is continuously monitoring the situation and is in constant loop with all the stakeholders concern to restore public facilities in the affected areas. PDMA has also entrusted District Administration with the requisite funds for relief activities.

Damages in District Chitral hit by Recent Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOF)